Common Questions Associated with Air Tracks

After researching many facts and information regarding air track, we assembled the following common questions that are mostly asked by different users in different forums:

What’s the difference between Air Tracks and Tumbling Tracks?

An Air Track is a mat that is type or kind of tumbling track. Air track is an inflatable mat that uses air to be filled in it for cushion landings and falls. There are many other types of tumbling tracks that can be used like fiberglass, or PVC foams.

What is the exact pressure that can be used in an air track?

Air pressure for different air tracks varies. But the recommendation for air pressure is between 3 psi and 5 psi, where psi stands for pounds per square inches.

What should be the weight of a best air track?

Different air tracks with different dimensions and sizes have difference in weight. While most of the air tracks have weight less than 60 lbs. The exact size depends on the manufacturing companies too.

What is lifespan in air track?

It is the warranty offered by a manufacturer of an air track. For example, Kameymall gives more than 1 years warranty which is reasonable. While some manufacturers do not offers warranty or lifespan. You need to check the instructions first.